Power Touch
Under Track

The Power Touch Under Track is Automatic Pool Covers’ solution for those who demand the safest yet most unobtrusive cover.  Under track, the installation incorporates the AutoGuard™ safety cover into a concealed track seamlessly fastened to the pool wall or secured in a track retainer system.


  • Easy-out pulley assembly for more straightforward, quicker maintenance
  • Meets requirements of nearly all types and shapes of in-ground pools
  • Real-time user diagnostics via SmartMotion™ Control
  • Electric drive mechanism
  • Standard lid brackets

Features & Options

  • Inconspicuous, out-of-the-way recessed system
  • Eight cover colors to choose from
  • User-friendly interface with personalized security code
  • Ladder hinges for the use of internal pool ladder
  • Heavy-duty lid brackets

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